This section of the site will tell you how to go about ordering prints of any pictures found on the Courtney Motorsport Images website. All pictures still remain copyright of Colin Courtney, and must NOT be reproduced in any form, including for use in Printed media. If you wish to use a picture in the press, please contact Courtney Motorsport Images for further information.
Price List - 2004
P&P to UK included for prints up to 12x8.
For larger prints, please add £2 to the total order price.
Credit Card ordering can now be offered. Contact Colin for further information.
Sizes Available (In inches) Price (£ Sterling)
6x4 £3
7x5 £6
8x6 £10
12x8 (Approx A4) £12
18x12 (Approx A3) £20
30x20 (Poster) £30

Further Ordering Information:
When you have selected the pictures you wish to order, please send the order, complete with payment in the form of cheque/postal order (in £ sterling), and made payable to "Colin Courtney", to the following address:

Courtney Motorsport Images
61 Killicomaine Drive
Co. Armagh
BT63 5JS

Please also include the picture codes which you are ordering, mark what size you are ordering of each print and how many of each print you require. (Example: 04-000001-autosport.jpg - 12x8 (2 copies @ £12 ea.) - £24.)

Your order will be despatched within 1 week of receipt, so please leave 2 weeks to expect delivery. 30x20 poster prints may take a couple of weeks to return. Please also include contact information so you can be contacted if needed.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL pictures will remain copyright of Colin Courtney, and must NOT be reproduced in any form, unless written permission is given. Legal advice WILL be sought if anyone is found to be in Breach of Copyright.